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All the Fashion Jewelry You Want

Oct. 29, 2019

Sunshine fashion accessory co., ltd. was built in 2006 of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. We have about 1000pcs new jewelry styles per month and our company is specialized in designing, producing and exporting fashion jewelry and accessories all over the world. Our products such as Necklace, Bracelet, Ring, Earring, Accessory can meet strictly chemical test requirements. Here you can find everything you like.

Imitation pearl hoop earrings became popular in the Ming Dynasty. For example, four beads and eight beads were very popular at the time. Four beads. Eight beads should be named after the number of pearls, such earrings are also common in the Ming Dynasty Code. The bead ring has always been a figure in the novels of the Qing Dynasty,this book is the 77th Qiaomen guest to celebrate the name, the Root of the Old Scholar's Self-description: Third pair of tables, one is a five Phoenix crown, Pearl Platoon, seven things, a band of jade;One is a full attack, embroidered skirt. At the same time, it's also very popular today.


People with different faces need to choose different types of earrings. Suitable earrings, on the face, can play a good role in modifying. A person with a large face should not use round earrings. The little face is the most photogenic face, suitable for medium-sized earrings, preferably not more than 2-3 cm from the ear. Round face with long earrings and pendant earrings, shape up and down the visual effects of stretching. The square face is suitable for Oval, flower-shaped, heart-shaped earrings. A long face is best with round earrings that stick to your ears. Besides, if the earlobe is larger, you can choose fine earrings.

Rhinestone stud earrings'main ingredient is crystal glass. It's an accessory to an artificial crystal glass cut into a diamond, this material is more economical. At the same time, it has a diamond-like visual effect. So it's very popular, the water drill is generally used in the design of mid-range accessories.


Given the autumn and winter season, everyone wears thick clothes, so I'm going to recommend something practical, it's metal alloy pendants. Because a necklace like this, it's practical and beautiful, it suits you very well. Because the clothes themselves are bigger in autumn and winter, if you don't go with a necklace with a little bit of eye-piercing, it doesn't even work, almost ignored. Yang Chao used a colored sweater, with a cool metal necklace, nothing against the spirit, but full of energy, very reduced age and personality. Hechangxi is a black and white stitching sweater, with a simple metal necklace, simple and not monotonous, gives the whole person an instant upgrade. So come down to the store and dig up some lovely necklaces from autumn and winter!

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