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How Long Does It Take for Silver Jewelry to Be Proofed?

Jan. 07, 2019

Q: I want to customize a silver jewelry such as the Fashion Necklace Jewelry, my own design drawings, how long does it take to proof?

A: Silver jewelry proofing, the process is relatively long, about 7-10 days, the production of large goods is generally 15-20 days.

The proofing process is like this: First, draw a 3D map based on your drawings. From the 3D map, you can see the shape, size and other details of the silver jewelry. If you find that the 3D map is different from your design concept, you need to re-create it. Modify until you are satisfied, this cycle is generally 1-3 days,

After drawing a good 3D map, the rest is the silver jewelry manufacturer's own business, you only need to wait, waiting time according to the complexity of silver jewelry, generally 4-7 days.

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