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Wearing a Lot of Necklaces Looks Good?

Jan. 08, 2019

Q: No matter which Pendant Necklaces Jewelry you wear, you will always encounter the same necklace that people wear with you, so I want to wear a lot of necklaces at the same time, so I won't hit the chain, but will it look good when I wear a lot of articles?

A: Necklaces such as the Clavicle Necklace  are fast and fashionable accessories. The styles are popular and fast, and they are too fast. If you want to be unconventional and stand out, it will cause too high a rate of return. At the same time, wearing a lot of articles is a good choice, just like you are now Popular hip hop accessories, in addition to unique styles, multiple repetitive wear is also a common match, but the mix should be careful, the necklace is best not to be the same length, so that there is a sense of layering, the size, color and style of the second drop must have Very obvious difference.

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