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Bracelets teach you to "express"

Sep. 24, 2019

Some people like to wear silver bracelets, and some people like to wear wooden bracelets. Different bracelets have different meanings. Different colors of bracelets represent different meanings. Some people ask, what is the meaning of wearing bracelets? What does it mean to send a bracelet? Today we will talk about the meaning of different types of bracelets and colors.

There is such a legend about the bracelet: the prince of the Dragon Palace fell in love with a woman in the mortal world, but the rules of the heavens are not allowed to fall in love with each other. The Prince of the Dragon Palace was punished by the Jade Emperor, but the prince’s love for the woman Without hesitation, he was reluctant to let go of his lover, and he turned himself into a bracelet, wrapped around his lover's wrist, caring for his lover, and staying with him. In China, people think that wearing their favorite wooden bracelets not only keeps them safe and ward off evil, but also wants to make things happen;

The design of the bracelet is generally based on the theme of auspiciousness, love, and blessing; when it is worn, people believe that it can be auspicious, safe, eternal, happy, rich, and promising, savage, sorrowful, and sorrowful, and profound Chinese. Culture makes it more colorful and colorful. In addition, bracelets often symbolize unity, harmony, elegance and femininity. To this day, there has been a story in which bracelets protect their wearers from harm, and bracelets can alleviate various negative effects and bring blessing to their wearers.

First, the wearing of the wooden bangles

The wearing method of wooden bracelets is not strictly limited in the number of bracelets. You can wear one or two or more. However, it should be noted that if you wear a bracelet, wear it on your left hand instead of your right hand. If you are wearing two bracelets, wear one for each of your left and right hands, or both for your left hand. If you are wearing three Should be worn on the left hand, you can not wear one hand in one hand and two in the other hand. If you wear more than three bracelets, you must wear them all in your left hand.

Second, the bracelet teaches you to express

1. Mood bracelets

In our daily life, not only some colors represent a person's mood, but the mood bracelet also describes a person's emotional changes.

Black represents tension and stress, gray stands for tension and anxiety, brown stands for restlessness, amber stands for weakness, red stands for adventure, passion and vitality, yellow stands for creativity and imagination, green stands for calm, blue stands for happiness and relaxation Purple represents passion and romance.

Bracelets teach you to "express"

mood bracelets

2. Hope bracelet

I hope that the bracelet is mainly worn by teenagers. People think that wearing a wish bracelet can be a matter of course. When you want a bracelet to break, it can send your message and hope to heaven to make your hopes come true. Red represents vitality, courage, confidence, energy, desire, passion and action. Pink represents calm, self-worth, protection, acceptance, beauty and love. White represents revelation, spirituality, cleansing and purification. Indigo represents contemplation, meditation and intuition. Blue stands for communication, peace, truth, spirit and youth. Black represents self-control, hiding, death, stability and the earth.

3. Friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets represent eternal friendship. It is the best gift for friends.

Its white represents pure friendship, yellow represents happy friendship, and orange represents close friends.

4. Salvation bracelet

The salvation bracelet is made up of beads of different colors, such as white, black, gold, blue, purple and other colors.

White beads generally tell people to be forgiven and wash away their sins. Black beads represent the separation of God and sin, gold represents heaven, blue represents baptism, and purple represents solemnity.

Different bracelets take you into a different world.

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