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Why do some people wear silver jewelry and it will turn black?

Aug. 08, 2019

Why do some people wear silver jewelry and turn black, while others don't? Shared the China fashion statement necklace Wholesaler.

Now, we can see the present children, and young people, or the elderly, hand will wear some silver jewelry, it is more popular, but in the process of wearing, there will be black phenomenon, but some people will not, let the following China band ring set supplier would like to tell us about.

The ancients said: wearing silver, health and wealth will be accompanied by five internal organs, calm mind, stop panic, except evil. In medicine, it is much more effective for human health than other precious metals. So wear silver to have what advantage, the person with bad health, wear silver to act the role of article to be able to blacken is true?

Many ancient poisons contain sulfur, and those who have studied chemistry know that silver reacts with sulfur to form silver sulfide, an unstable salt compound that takes on a grayish black color. The discoloration is only a superficial reaction and can be removed with toothpaste or medicine.

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In fact, pure silver jewelry is easy to oxidation, oxidation and sulfur yellow, black. Sulfur is ubiquitous in our lives. Sulfur is found in the air, in the skin, in exhaust fumes, and even in some foods. It is because of the REDOX reaction that can happen everywhere that silver ornaments and silverware will be blackened and lose luster to varying degrees after being used for a long time -- this is a natural phenomenon, not because of the toxins in the human body.

Experts say there is no correlation between the brightness or blackness of silver bracelets and health. Some people wear silver bracelets more brightly because there is no sulfur in their sweat, while other skin secretions protect them.

And some friends wear silver to make it dark and dark, just because there is more sulfur in their sweat, which will react with the silver to make it black, does not mean that the body is unhealthy.

Metal alloy bracelets turns black because of oxidation, which is inevitable. When wearing silver jewelry, human sweat contains sulfur, ammonia, etc., and air also contains hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide and other substances, which will cause the surface of silver jewelry to be oxidized, and then change color, lose luster. Silver jewelry turning black is also related to the acid and alkali level of human sweat, sweat is acidic, silver jewelry turning black faster, it does not matter whether the body is healthy or not.

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