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What methods can restore the luster of silver jewelry?

Jul. 03, 2019

What methods can restore the luster of silver jewelry? Shared by China fashion statement necklace supplier.

I don't know if you have found this kind of problem, is that there are some things, its own is a certain luster, but with the use of time, its luster slowly disappeared, not so bright, so which way can restore the luster of silver jewelry! Let adorn article factory say for us below.

(1) polishing method: this method is better for the plain silver head injury with smooth and clean surface, such as bracelet and collar without flower. When polishing, can be used silk cloth or toothbrush dip in a small amount of toothpaste in the need to polish the place repeatedly grinding news until the jewelry face as bright and clean as new so far, after polishing reoccupy with clean water. Silver jewelry manufacturers remind, if it is the general carved or engraved silver jewelry with this method is not very good.

(2) remove the black color by placing pieces of aluminum under the silver jewelry and heating them in a soda solution. Because the alkalinity of soda is very strong and is in the condition that heat falls, the silver jewelry that inlays jewelry commonly cannot use this kind of method.

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(3) after cleaning with 1% hot fertilizer solution, soak the silver jewelry with sodium thiosulfate solution (that is, photographic fixing solution, also known as hypo), and then rub it with toothbrush or fiber cloth.

(4) if the black on the jewelry is thick, it can also be washed with concentrated hydrochloric acid. Silver jewelry manufacturers seriously remind, inlaid with pearls, malachite, rim, such as pine stone jewelry must not be washed with hydrochloric acid, or jewelry will be damaged!

The above is for you to introduce about which some methods can restore the luster of silver jewelry, hope to summarize some help for you, want to know more about jewelry factory knowledge, welcome you to pay attention to this site.

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