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The origin and meaning of the ring

Sep. 09, 2019

The origin and meaning of the ring

There are many products, it is a long time ago, has been in existence, which means that it has a long history, such as our ring is the same, then the origin and meaning of the ring is what role! Let China chain band ring set factory jewelry processing for us to say.

As far back as ancient Rome, wearing rings was a way for men and women to commit to each other.

Marriage is one of one's life events. The circular shape of the wedding ring symbolizes life and eternity. The reason why the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger is because egyptians believe that the blood of this finger goes all the way to the heart, the place of love.

Because ancient Roman people think, ring finger is the finger that is guarded by Apollo of sun god, accordingly, wear a ring on ring finger, board especially the diamond ring that has sun power, can aggrandizement love more, let love experience long is firm.

China fashion statement necklace supplier shares that From ancient Rome to modern times, wedding rings have been added with fashion elements. Symbolizing the noble and gorgeous diamonds, pearls, gemstones, are wedding rings on the "frequent".

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However, engagement rings are different from wedding rings. The engagement ring used to propose is usually adorned with a prominent diamond or gemstone, which is often used to sound more sincere when kneeling on one knee.

And in the wedding on the exchange of the wedding ring is usually more simple but elegant plain circle, in order to beautiful fashion, jewelry designers will add a little bit of small diamond, to show special.

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