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How to wear pearl jewelry exquisite?

May. 14, 2019

How to wear pearl jewelry exquisite?

1. Pearl jewelry earrings

Cultured pearl earrings wholsaler China shares that earring or long dangling pearl earrings are suitable for different occasions. The office is dressed up concise and serious, wear the pearl earring of type of a pair of ear nails, can express the female gentle beauty with implicative means come out, also can make your office is dressed up unapt so serious and too hard line. Long dangle type earring is more suitable to match formal attire to wear, when earring is dangle between earlobe and neck, can add formal attire and feminine enchanting aesthetic feeling.

2. Pearl necklace

The style of pearl act the role of necklace and style change much, it is slender neck for, increase the temperament of female grace. Pearl necklace can be selected according to the characteristics of different groups. If the wearer is petite and not tall, choose a cultured pearl necklaces of equal length. Older women should wear white and gold pearl necklaces. Younger, can choose black, pink or purple to wait for more lively and young color. Taller and taller woman can choose long money, some exaggerated even exceed long design. It's a good idea to wrap your neck a few times.

Cultured pearl earrings wholsaler China

3. Pearl jewelry pendant

Pendants are best worn with rings or earrings. Pendants come in simple single pearl pendants or luxurious stone pearl pendants. Single pearl pendants are suitable for everyday wear, while luxury pearl pendants are more suitable for solemn occasions.

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