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Different crystal ornaments, different ways to wear

Sep. 02, 2019

With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption of jewelry is becoming another consumption hot spot after housing and automobiles.Crystal jewelry has bright colors, brilliant luster and magical effects. In addition to the current superb skills, crystal jewelry has a variety of styles. Crystal jewelry is fashion and atmosphere, it has attracted more and more people's attention. Wearing crystal jewelry not only has a good decorative effect but also can make crystal jewelry's effect better, so today we come to talk about the correct way to wear crystal jewelry.

1. Crystal Bracelets

There are many sayings about crystals that can help people fortune. For example, green crystals can help people's careers. Amethyst helps people manage their finances, make money, and collect money. It is a crystal that rules money. This kind of crystal belongs to radioactive crystal. Experts suggest that you wear this kind of crystal bracelet on your right hand, because the right hand is active, mainly responsible for all activities of people. The pink crystal is related to love, it will attract peaches for the wearer; anti-small, black crystal is also a lot of people often buy styles, and such crystals are usually recommended to wear in the left hand, because the left hand is in charge of a Human inner and spiritual strength.

Generally speaking crystal bracelet is worn in the left hand, so we at ordinary times in life is more convenient, and not easy to wear away the crystal, crystal bracelet caused damage. But if we use crystal bracelet to regulate the body, then we should pay attention to follow the two rules of crystal: one "left in right out", the other is "put in crystal wear left, absorbing crystal wear right". Simply put, if you want to release the crystal's positive energy, wear it on your left hand; if you want the crystal to absorb negative energy, wear it on your right hand.

Crystal Bracelet

Crystal Bracelets

2. Crystal Necklaces

Crystal necklace is the best gift that the man gives a woman to express love. when wearing crystal necklace, let it be as close as possible to throat wheel, such conduce to the expression of thought and emotion. Crystal necklace can also help the heart of the depressed people, the emotional expression, to achieve happiness in the heart.

Crystal Necklace

Crystal Necklaces

3. Crystal Pendants

The pendant is usually worn in the position of the chest, which happens to be the "heart chakra", and the "heart chakra" mainly develops our benevolence, taking care of our heart and respiratory system. Crystal pendant wearing in this position can just balance the body's air wheel, has a very important role in improving the field. The main color of the heart is "green", so we can usually pick some more green crystal pendant, so that the energy is stronger, such as green ghost pendant.

4. Crystal Rings

Wear crystal ring and crystal bracelet is similar, basically also want to follow two rules of crystal. Of course, as a ring, we can also refer to the basic ring wearing method, our website in the crystal ring wearing a detailed description, you can have a look. If you feel uncomfortable on one side of your body, you can put the ring on the opposite hand and use the crystal magnetic field to balance the whole body's magnetic field.

The crystal is clear and beautiful. People also think that crystal is a gem with strong energy and spirituality. Wearing or placing crystal products can bring good luck. Our company has a variety of crystal jewelry styles,and we are also supply crystal ornaments for sale. If you have any questions or requirements, please contact us.

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