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Different Kinds of Bracelets

Nov. 25, 2019

The function of bracelet has two aspects: one is to show identity and highlight personality; the other is to beautify arm.Bracelets are usually worn on the left hand. If gems are inlaid, the bracelets should be pasted on the wrist. If gems are not inlaid, the bracelets can be loosely worn on the wrist. Special note: only a pair of bracelets can be worn at the same time.
How to maintain metal alloy bracelets

As long as the alloy ornaments are properly maintained, they will remain as bright as new for several years This kind of jewelry does not need to use very expensive maintenance water for maintenance, as long as avoiding acid and alkali and humid environment The humid environment includes: bathing and washing without wearing, sweating without wearing, drying with dry cloth before storage; one desiccant should be placed in the jewelry box where the jewelry is placed; the simulation jewelry should be placed in the jewelry box in time when it is not worn. 

The specific maintenance is as follows:

Metal Alloy Bracelets

1. Jewelry is often replaced. The same jewelry should not be worn for a long time. Especially in the hot summer, the coating of jewelry will contact with sweat for a long time, which is easy to be eroded. Therefore, it is better to prepare multiple jewelry for frequent replacement.

2. The ornaments are easy to be damaged when exposed to chemicals. The fragrance of bathing, chlorine in swimming and salt in sea water will remove all ornaments before bathing or swimming.

3. It is easy to rub flowers in collision. Be careful when storing. Do not overlap the ornaments together. Store them in the original packaging bag or in the jewelry box with independent small lattice to avoid rubbing the flower surface.

4. Clean the jewelry from time to time, and use a soft fine brush to wipe the surface of the jewelry to remove the surface stains.

We are a titanium bracelet manufacturer. Titanium bracelet is a new type of jewelry made of pure titanium and elaborately processed by creative design and special technology. Titanium is characterized by its "biological affinity". Its biggest characteristic is health, safety and environmental protection. It will never produce harmful substances to human skin and body. It is called green jewelry.

Titanium Bracelet

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