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What is the basic information about alloy jewelry?

Jun. 05, 2019

What is the basic information about alloy jewelry?

When we learn about a product, we should first understand its basic information, so that we can know more clearly what kind of product it is and what kind of role it can bring to us. The same is true for alloy jewelry. So, what should we know about the basic information of alloy jewelry? Below the fashion accessory wholesale would like to tell us about.

Ordinary alloy jewelry refers to the first jewelry made with alloy materials. There are many kinds of alloys: lead-tin alloy no. 6, lead-tin alloy no. 3, lead-tin alloy no. 0, zinc alloy, etc. Advocate green environmental protection, so fashionable group wants to beg environmental protection. No. 0 material and zinc alloy is the decoration industry with a lot of information, because they are environmental protection, zinc alloy is much cheaper than no. 0 material, so most of the environmental protection products on the market are zinc alloy, at the same time, no. 0 material can be exported to many countries overseas. Due to lead free nickel free chromium free.

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Wear, especially in the hot summer, jewelry coating contact sweat for a long time, easy erosion, so it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent exchange.

Contact with chemicals, jewelry easily damaged. The aroma when bathing, the chlorine in swimming, salt in seawater, will be the first so bath or swim before all accessories should be removed.

The collision is easy to rub flowers, storage should be careful, do not stack the ornaments together, should be stored in the original bag or placed in a small box with independent grid jewelry, prevent each other from rubbing the appearance of flowers.

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