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How to match different types of hands with sterling silver jewelry?

Jun. 27, 2019

How to match different types of hands with sterling silver jewelry? 

Nowadays, no matter be in buying clothes, still be shoe, all should pay attention to match this thing, because this looks, also be more harmonious, won't have ugly effect, our sterling silver jewelry is same also, so what is the method that how collocation of sterling silver jewelry of different type thin? Let the following fashion jewelry wholesale to say for us.

1. Long, beautiful hands

Any kind of ring and zircon in cut shape can be matched with it elegantly. If thin ring, hold up the beautiful single grain diamond, elegant breath to show the finger.

2. Skinny hands

Square, rectangle and the diamond of circle can help its add the feeling that show solid and solid, if deserve to set the small that a few bright beside advocate getting, can make finger extraordinary color cent is shown.

fashion jewelry wholesale

3. Stubby hands

Simple and slender single piece olive tip diamond can show the slender finger on the vision, simple ring wearing makes it add a beautiful.

4. Small hands

Diamond shoulds not be too big, the singlegrain beauty that is popular at present gets a ring is its better choice, concise and pure and fresh, elegant xiumei did not have, model of small jasper jumps to point to however on.

5. Big hands

Rough wide ring seems to be designed for the hand of this type, big grain olive point line, elliptic diamond makes its atmosphere does not lose delicate.

Above is fashion jewelry wholesale for you to introduce about different types of thin how to match the method of sterling silver jewelry, hope the summary to help you, want to know more about jewelry wholesale knowledge, welcome everyone concerned about this site.

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