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Do You Have Any Skills In Maintenance Of Metal Alloy Ornaments?

Nov. 19, 2019

Metal alloy ornaments are always inconspicuous. It's a pity that the buyer will lose them if they don't look good after taking them for several times? In fact, the current alloy jewelry is also very valuable for collection. We like its design sense and its crystal clear and shiny, so the alloy jewelry is also valuable for collection. I believe that as long as we remember the following points, careful maintenance, our alloy jewelry will keep its brightness for a long time.

Metal Alloy Ornaments?

The specific maintenance is as follows: 

1. When wearing alloy ornaments, take them off and put them aside when bathing, washing face or sweating in summer, because the acid and alkali contained in the washing liquid or sweat will react with the alloy, resulting in corrosion and fading of the alloy.

2. When doing rough work, you should take off the metal alloy rings to avoid them being scratched.

Metal Alloy Ornaments?

3. Jewelry is often replaced. The same jewelry should not be worn for a long time. Especially in the hot summer, the coating of jewelry will contact sweat for a long time, which is easy to be eroded. Therefore, it is better to prepare multiple jewelry for frequent replacement.

4. The ornaments are easy to be damaged in contact with chemicals. The fragrance of bath, chlorine in swimming and salt in sea water will cause corrosion marks on the jewelry coating, so all accessories should be removed before bathing or swimming.

5. It is easy to rub flowers in collision. Be careful when storing. Do not overlap the ornaments. Store them in the original packaging bag or in the jewelry box with independent small lattice to avoid rubbing the flower surface.

6. Clean the metal alloy bracelets from time to time, and use a soft fine brush to clean the surface of the jewelry, so that the surface stains of the jewelry can be removed. In order to keep your jewelry young forever, it is recommended that you apply a layer of preservative to it. This preservative is a colorless nail polish. When you buy beautiful jewelry, it is painted evenly on the surface with a colorless nail polish. Let it wear a transparent raincoat and will not be afraid of air and sweat. Its principle is like brushing waterproof coating on the articles, especially the jewelry joint is easy to be worn, and more coating is needed to strengthen protection. Of course, there is a time limit for this kind of freshness preservation. Once the nail polish is off, it is necessary to quickly add a layer of paint and not give it the chance to re contact with the air.

Metal Alloy Ornaments?

When the alloy ornaments lose their original luster, if you want to still wear the ornaments, you can go to the gold shop or other places where the ornaments are specially maintained for gold plating, so that your ornaments will return to their former luster.

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