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What are the matching skills of crystal pendants necklace?

Nov. 05, 2019

You can find kinds of crystal pendants necklace in our company. At the same time, our company also has different kinds of pendants.

What are the matching skills of crystal pendants necklace?

1. Crystal pendants with ropes: the most suitable for crystal pendants must be strings of dark colors. Generally, men use more. The crystal will not lose its luster There are different ways and colors of rope can choose to make crystal pendant necklace. This one is used less now.

2. Crystal pendant with bead chain: according to the shape and characteristics of crystal, choose different colors of crystal necklace to match, which can also increase the effect of crystal, and a little Buddhist way of wearing.

3. Crystal pendants with metal chains: crystal pendants are relatively moderate or small. You can choose metal necklace. Now the most used ones are 925 silver, 18K gold and platinum. Especially according to the crystal metal color to match, try to ensure that the necklace color and crystal metal color is the same. Only in this way can it look shiny, dazzling and colorful.

In a word, when matching the necklace with crystal pendants, pay attention to the size of crystal pendants. For larger crystals, the most consideration is the load-bearing capacity of the necklace. What necklace the pendant matches is not unchangeable. The key is to consider how to match it more delicate, beautiful and in line with your temperament.

crystal pendants necklace

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