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Statement Necklace

Dec. 03, 2019

Fashion statement piece is the shinning piece of your fashion set. Wearing it is like making a statement of your style and fashion sense.

The owner of statement piece shows his own style and declares his identity and values by wearing and wearing it. Statement piece refers to accessories that can clearly convey the personality, preference and taste of the owner. It is worth noting that since it is a statement ornament, only one is needed. Don't put the earrings, necklaces, jewelry / watches in the battle together, and don't bury the one that was originally the statement piece in the "ring Pei Ding Dong".

Fashion Statement Piece

Fashion Statement Piece

Although generally speaking, the design of bold and unique large pendants earrings, heavy bracelets and large pendants is the common sense of "statement piece". But I personally think that all kinds of accessories that can set off your personal temperament, such as gentle and glossy pearl earrings, delicate small diamond earrings and delicate collarbone chains, can be your daily "statement piece". As long as you add points for your temperament, it can be regarded as your own "statement piece".

However, only one "Manifesto ornament" can be worn at a time, so as to "throw the ground and make a sound". At the same time, when wearing "Manifesto ornaments", we should choose clothes and other accessories that are relatively low-key.

Statement necklaces can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Generally speaking, they are large and bold in design. Many people are afraid to start with such an exaggerated necklace, afraid that they can't control it. But the Manifesto necklace is the best fashion accessory. Because the Manifesto Necklace itself is the focus of attention, whether you are too lazy to match, or really can't match, as long as you match with a plain coat or dress, you can immediately upgrade the fashion! A gorgeous and eye-catching manifesto necklace is absolutely the secret weapon to enhance the aura.

The Dutch queen is 178cm tall and has a very large skeleton. It's a great fit for her with a big frame and a necklace like this. Many people feel that the heavy and cumbersome Necklace does not have this feeling on the Dutch queen at all, but adds more momentum to her.

Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace

The large statement necklace is placed on the front of the chest, which can not only make the simple collocation active in an instant, but also help improve the body shape and shift people's attention. The charm of Manifesto jewelry is that it only needs one piece to make you the focus of attention, Fashion and fun.

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