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What are some methods of jewelry setting?

Aug. 20, 2019

What are some methods of jewelry setting? Following the China fashion statement necklace supplier.

Jewelry everyone not strange but jewelry inlaid with several methods that estimate a lot of people are not very understanding, there are many kinds of jewelry inlaid method, jewelry claw set: with slender hold diamonds, precious metals with claw claw are generally four or six claw, this way of Mosaic is very strong and protruding diamond ring, let the diamond from any Angle looked radiant.

Jewelry bag is set: seal the part below diamond waist with metallic edge in metallic bracket set method, it is a kind of firm set method, the bag sets inside collect of diamond luster, showed gentle and dignified temperament

Jewelry micro set: micro set, set technology it is basically the same as the nail technology, is set with small diamonds, because micro set edge shovel straight and smooth, nails are relatively fine, clear round.

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Bangle Cuff HC06-10874

By the way, how does the silver shop clean the silver ornaments?

As we all know, after wearing sterling silver pendants for a period of time, there will be black, or oxidation phenomenon, this whole appearance is not very beautiful, this time we will have to clean, so how does the silver shop clean the silver jewelry? Let sterling silver stud earrings jewelry wholesale below small make up to tell us.

1. Polishing method: for the surface flat, smooth, plain surface silver head injury, such as no flower bracelet and collar, silver shop generally adopt polishing method. When polishing, dip in with silk cloth or toothbrush a few toothpaste in the place that needs polishing repeatedly grind news until jewelry face is bright and clean as new so far, after polishing reoccupy rinse with clear water general can be washed clean. However, this method is not very effective for carved or engraved silver jewelry.

2. Remove the black color by placing pieces of aluminum under the silver jewelry and heating them together in a soda solution. Because soda is very alkaline and is heated, this method cannot be used for silver jewelry that is commonly used in jewelry.

3. After cleaning with 1% hot fertilizer solution, soak the silver jewelry with sodium thiosulfate solution (that is, photographic fixative solution, also known as hypo), and then rub it with toothbrush or fiber cloth.

4. If the black on the jewelry is heavy, it will be washed with concentrated hydrochloric acid. After washing, it should be rinsed with water immediately.

If you want to know more about how to clean the silver jewelry, you can contact us!

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