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What Are the Principles of Wearing Jewelry?

Nov. 11, 2019

However, we should pay attention to something when we wearing them. 

First, quantity rule. In any match, the quantity of jewelry should be less, generally not more than three. People who pay attention to fashion should find that some models on high-end beauty charts basically do not wear more than three kinds of jewelry, and sometimes just a necklace or bracelet can be very beautiful. 

Second, color rules. If you like the color feeling better, you should try to have the same color when wearing jewelry. If you wear two or three pieces of jewelry at the same time, you should ensure the coordination of color matching. Should make its color consistent. When wearing jewelry inlaid with precious stones, the consistency of main colors should be ensured as far as possible.

Third, Texture rules. Some people will have some misunderstandings when matching jewelry, that is, no matter what material, as long as they like to decorate themselves together.  In fact, when wearing jewelry, special attention should be paid to the same texture, so as to show a delicate sense of coordination, thus bringing a dignified aesthetic feeling. 

Forth, identity rules.  Everyone should pay attention to their gender, age, professional characteristics and the coordination of the jewelry they wear when matching jewelry. Generally speaking, high-grade ornaments are more practical for large social parties and are not suitable for wearing in daily work and life. 

Fifth, body shape rules. People of different body types should learn to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses when matching jewelry. For example, skinny people can choose to wear necklaces of moderate length and exquisite design. People who are overweight are more suitable to wear necklaces with pendant feeling. 

Sixth, seasonal rules. Each season has a specific fashion color, so in different seasons, jewelry should be matched with seasonal colors. For example, dark-colored jewelry is selected in winter, while bright-colored jewelry is more suitable in summer.

What Are the Principles of Wearing Jewelry?

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